April 13, 2022

Black Lives Matter Used Donations to Buy a $6 Million House, and They’re Not Sorry

    The Black Lives Matter organization secretly used nearly $6 million in donor funds to purchase a mansion — and now that the information is out there, they’re insisting that the purchase was above board.

    A report by New York Magazine found that the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) utilized a close business contact of co-founder Patrisse Cullors’ to purchase the Los Angeles mansion with the charity’s cash resources.

    Black Lives Matter purchased the luxury property just two weeks after receiving a $66.5 million cash infusion from its former fiscal sponsor on Oct. 6, 2020.

    New York Magazine recently asked Black Lives Matter about the house, which is referred to internally as “Campus.”

    “Afterward, leaders circulated an internal strategy memo with possible responses, ranging from ‘Can we kill the story?’ to ‘Our angle — needs to be to deflate ownership of the property,'” the report reads.

    BLMGNF board member Shalomyah Bowers sent the outlet an emailed statement, saying that they’d “always planned” to disclose the purchase in legal filings in May.

    Black Lives Matter acknowledged the report in a series of tweets, referring to the luxury home as “Creator’s House,” and dismissing the report as “inflammatory and speculative.”

    “There have been a lot of questions surrounding recent reports about the purchase of Creator’s House in California,” Black Lives Matter wrote.

    “We also recognize the confusion recent inflammatory and speculative articles have caused,” they continued. “We are redoubling our efforts to provide clarity about BLMGNF’s work. In the coming weeks, we will unveil new initiatives to increase transparency and accountability, and to continue reshaping what radical philanthropy looks like for Black people.”

    The $6 million house is the backdrop of this recent YouTube video:


    Black Lives Matter Secretly Bought a $6 Million House

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Gary Fernett

Sounds like a capitalistic move by a bunch of anticaptalistic people…they are not looking out for any group in America but b l m and antifa….these people are con men and criminals..nothing more.


BLM is nothing but a scam, taking advantage of innocent hordes of people who have good intentions.

the old Marine

They fit in with this administration perfectly, a bunch of no goods doing their bet to destroy the US. Get rid of them all.


Corruption? What do you expect from something like this, BLM and Antifa got their start with major funding from evil corrupt George Soros, grotesque ugly old fart, who should have been 6 feet under years ago!
By funding these he hoped to tear America apart and destroy us. Liberals and Clinton foundation helped and didn’t lift a finger to stop the looting and burning across the country, Pelosi said “ they’ll do what they do” and shrugged her shoulders.


they need to lose their charity status and pay taxes, they are not transparent, they are funneling money and it is NOT OK and NOT ACCEPTABLE that they are using donor funds to buy freaking mansions


time to put these scum bags to bed, a dirt bed that is.can’t wait til trump gets back in w.h.


so, you are taking my right to free speech away are you dirt bags, guess your site will be gone soon.

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