January 5, 2022

Biden Says It’s ‘2020’ in Post-New Year Gaffe [Video]

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Biden Says It’s ‘2020’ in Post-New Year Gaffe [Video]

President Joe Biden had a reassuring message during a briefing with his COVID-19 task force on Tuesday, but he mistakenly referred to the wrong year.

The gaffe came as Biden said there’s no reason schools should close amid the spike in omicron cases, as long as people get vaccinated and wear masks in public.

“There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020. But for God’s sake, please take advantage of what’s available. Please. You’re going to save lives, maybe yours, maybe your child’s.”

The error is the latest in Biden’s considerable list of blunders. Last month, Biden mistakenly referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris.”

Biden’s detractors say the mistakes are an indicator of declining mental fitness. A recent survey found that 50% of voters disagreed with the statement “Joe Biden is in good health.”


Biden says there’s no reason schools should be closed and flubs year during COVID-19 briefing

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