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January 1, Apple CEO Cutting Chinese Ties?



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Goodness gracious. It looks like Apple CEO Tim Cook has been busy trying to figure out how to decrease Apple’s reliance on Chinese manufacturing. Can’t say I blame him. I’ve been saying for years that we need to bring manufacturing back home. But, of course, the big corporations don’t want to do that. They’re more interested in profits than the good of the country. I’ll tell ya this much. Maybe Americans wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for some products that last more than 2 years!

The CEO of the Apple empire is over in India, trying to figure out how to make up for all the manufacturing that’s been lost in China. And let me tell you, it’s not going to be easy. Bloomberg analysts estimate it would take eight years to move just 10% of Apple’s manufacturing capacity out of China. That’s a lot of time and money, but it’s worth it if it means decreasing our reliance on a country that’s becoming increasingly hostile to the West.

But, it’s not just about manufacturing. Cook has been hinting at a new product category for Apple, a mixed-reality headset that blends augmented and virtual reality. If this is true, it’s a smart move by Apple. They need to diversify their product line if they want to continue to be successful. Not that I’m eager to jump into the Matrix.

I just hope Cook doesn’t forget about his roots. He needs to remember that Apple is an American company, and he should be doing everything he can to bring jobs back to this country. We need manufacturing jobs, and we need them now. America used to be a country of people who make things with their hands. Our products were the best in the world, now we outsource labor for cheap goods that fall apart and become obsolete. I have 1970’s American made fridge that still works! Think about that next time you save a few hundred buck on a smart fridge that dies in 3 years. Maybe I’m just an old man who is stuck in the past. I don’t even know anymore. What do you all think?

source: Yahoo

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