May 30, 2022

Americans Are Increasingly Worried About the Baby Formula Shortage: Poll

    Americans are increasingly concerned about the ongoing shortage of baby formula.

    A new poll shows that 84 percent of voters are either “very” or “somewhat” concerned about the shortage.

    The worry is across all political spectrums — with 86 percent of Democrats, 84 percent of Republicans, and 83 percent of independents. 

    Of the respondents, 82 percent said they supported importing formula from overseas countries, which President Joe Biden started last week.

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials have warned that the supply will not return to normal until July.


    Americans growing concerned over baby formula shortage: poll

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If he can’t even feed babies what the h##l is he good for! Joe and his transportation secretary and the rest of his cabinet on Joe’s funny farm are the team that can’t shoot straight. Is anything going right in this beleaguered country? Keep your fingers crossed and pray hard and the Republic might just make it to election day.

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