March 21, 2022

Alabama Approves Anti-Biden License Plate

State officials have allowed an Alabama man to keep his anti-President Joe Biden license plate, reversing an earlier decision to ban it.

The Alabama Department of Revenue and Motor Vehicle Division apologized to Nathan Kirk, a local gun store owner, for its initial decision.

Kirk ordered a personalized plate with the letters “LGBFJB” — “LGB” meaning the popular anti-Biden phrase, “Let’s Go Brandon,” and “FJB” standing for “F–k Joe Biden.”

“I see it as a goofy tag,” Kirk said.

“But the meaning behind it does seem like a victory. Not like I was just throwing a fit that somebody told me I couldn’t do something, it was the principle is what I was fighting for.”

Last month, Alabama officials told Kirk that he needed to change the license plate or they wouldn’t renew his vehicle registration. Kirk considered taking legal action for allegedly violating his First Amendment rights.


Alabama man gets to keep ‘Let’s go Brandon’ plate, state even apologizes

One comment on “Alabama Approves Anti-Biden License Plate

  1. Jim Kremsreiter says:

    Would love to see states issue FJB 001, FJB 002 etc. license plates!

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