June 16, 2022

A-Lister’s New Tremor Sparks Health Concerns

People are concerned about Tom Hanks’ health after he appeared to have trouble containing the shaking of his arm, according to a report.

Hanks, 65, is in the midst of promoting an upcoming Elvis biopic, in which Hanks stars as Presley’s manager.

During the film’s Australian premiere on June 4, Hanks took a microphone and addressed the crowd. His right hand appeared to shake while holding the microphone.

“As his hand shook, Hanks tried to control it, by placing his left hand at the bottom of the microphone, below his right,” the Daily Mail reported. “He also attempted briefly to switch hands.”

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis premieres in North America on June 24.

One comment on “A-Lister’s New Tremor Sparks Health Concerns

  1. Truth Vaccine says:

    Lot’s of white celebrities going down.
    I wonder if that fake vaccine is designed to thin out the majority?
    That sounds as crazy as illegal and queer (their label) 3 term Executive In Chief.

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