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January 1, White House defends Dem infighting: “This is how democracy works”



On Thursday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the Democratic Party’s infighting over the highly-publicized infrastructure bill and budget reconciliation package is “how democracy works.”

A reporter asked Psaki at her daily press briefing if President Biden “lost control of his party” amid dissonance from Democratic moderates and progressives.

“This is how democracy works,” Psaki said. “I know it feels foreign because there wasn’t much that happened over the last couple of years.”

“We’re not trying to paint over how messy it looks from the outside,” she added.

Progressive members of the House vowed to oppose the infrastructure bill, which passed through the Senate unless it moves alongside Biden’s $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. Moderates, like Sen. Joe Manchin (W. VA), have expressed that they won’t support the measure’s high price tag.


Psaki says Dem party infighting is democracy at work: ‘I know it feels foreign’ after Trump

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