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January 1, Democrat anxiety rises with the likelihood of Trump’s 2024 run



As the prospect of former President Donald Trump running again in 2024 increasingly seems more likely, anxiety amid Democrats is rising.

“There’s not a strategist or insider that I’m hanging out with who would like to see Donald Trump running again,” said Democratic pollster Rachel Bitecofer. “Nobody should think he would be a weak nominee.”

Bitecofer expanded on why Democrats wouldn’t be excited to go up against Trump again.

“He almost re-won the White House in 2020 even after four years of scandal after scandal, and then the pandemic and the mismanagement of that,” she said. “That never affected him. And he almost won and his party picked up seats in the House.”

Other Democratic insiders echoed Bitecofer’s sentiments.

“No one should underestimate his ability to energize the base with grievance politics,” Democratic strategist Mike Morey said. “Democrats would be foolish to think he would be easy to take down.”

“He’s looked weak, he’s looked defensive,” one Democratic donor said. “It’s right where Trump wants him.”

Trump has told associates that he’s eager to announce another presidential bid, but advisors encouraged him to hold out a little longer, preferably until the midterm elections. According to Republican strategists, Trump’s eagerness to announce his bid stems from President Biden’s poor poll numbers.

One Democratic strategist referred to another Trump campaign as “the world’s biggest nightmare.”

“He’s shown that he’s willing to campaign from the lowest denominator and do anything and everything to win,” they said. “If that doesn’t scare the s—t out of every Democrat, we’re in trouble.”


Democratic anxiety rises as Trump bid appears more likely

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gerald Ladd

    October 9, 2021 at 11:46 am

    What scandals? Do they mean all the DemonRATS lies, like the Russia hoax!

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