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January 1, This Waitress Paid Off $30K in Debt. Here’s How



A former waitress managed to pay off more than $30,000 in credit card debt.

Chicago resident Jennifer Welsh assessed her financial situation and got to work on a solution. She paid a fee to transfer and consolidate the balances from five cards onto one new credit card that had a 0% interest rate for the first two years.

“So I considered that 24-month expiration date my deadline.” Welsh said. She did the math to figure out what a monthly payment would amount to.

“And every Sunday, I logged into my one credit card platform, and I paid $320 a week,” she said, adding, “So I broke this big goal down into small goals, but I also had a deadline.”

Not only did Welsh stick to her goal and pay off her debt entirely in 2015, but she’s also managed to become a savvy investor.

“I was already accustomed to spending $300 a week towards my debt, putting that money towards my debt,” she said. “So instead of saying, ‘Oh, we have $300 a week extra now,’ we started investing that money.”


How this former waitress paid off $30,000 in debt and learned to invest

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