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Tennessee GOP Lawmaker Abruptly Exits CNN Interview After Tense Exchange



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In a fiery interview with CNN, Tennessee Republican Caucus Chair Rep. Jeremy Faison abruptly exited the conversation after a heated exchange with CNN reporter Sara Sidner. The interview followed the recent expulsion of two Democratic Party lawmakers from the Tennessee state legislature for their role in a gun control protest after a school shooting in Nashville.

During the interview, Sidner disputed Faison’s claims that the lawmakers were “riling up” the crowd, stating that the crowd was already angry and accusing Faison of punishing the Democrat lawmakers and their constituents who are concerned about gun violence. Faison defended the expulsion, claiming that the lawmakers were inciting the crowd and that there needed to be peace in order to have a meaningful conversation on the issue.

Sidner forcefully pushed back, citing reports from CNN’s reporters who were present at the protest and spoke to distraught teachers who wanted action on gun violence. Faison reiterated his perspective, mimicking hand signals the lawmakers allegedly used to control the crowd, and ultimately walked offscreen, leaving Collins unable to ask him a final question.

The tense exchange highlighted the deep divide between the parties on the issue of gun control in Tennessee and the contentious atmosphere in the state legislature. As the debate over gun control continues, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the ongoing discussions and actions on this pressing issue.


Bottom Line

This interview between Rep. Faison and CNN’s Sara Sidner underscored the intense disagreement and polarization over gun control in Tennessee. The expulsion of Democratic lawmakers from the state legislature has ignited a fiery debate, with both sides passionately advocating for their positions.

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Do you believe the Tennessee lawmakers were right to expel the Democratic representatives over their protest for gun control measures?

Source: Fox News