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January 1, South African variant can overpower Pfizer’s vaccine



Hi, Americans!

Israeli study shows that the South African strain of COVID-19 could penetrate Pfizer-vaccinated individuals. The South African variant looks stronger and more offensive than the other existing variants of the virus. This is scary.

President Joe Biden has yet to sign a presidential determination that would nullify former President Donald Trump’s refugee policies. If this would remain unsolved, he is set to accept the fewest number of refugees for this year than the past administrations.

During a speaking engagement with the GOP, former President Donald Trump lambasted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his former Vice President Mike Pence. What was supposed to be a unifying event for the Republicans became another divisive blow ignited by the ex-leader. How pathetic.

St. Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves announced that only people who have been vaccinated can be evacuated from the Caribbean island amid the eruption of La Soufrière volcano. What’s with the ridiculous policy?

Filmmaker Chloe Zhao’s ‘Nomadland’ has won four major awards at the British Academy Film Awards on Sunday. While the movie won best picture and cinematography, Zhao got the best director award and her film star Frances McDormand bagged the best actress.

Prince Harry has arrived in the UK to pay his last tributes to his late grandfather, Prince Philip. This would be the first time that Harry would face his family a month after his and wife Meghan’s controversial interview with Oprah in March.

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