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January 1, Republicans signal trouble for Biden after midterms: ‘new normal’



Members of the GOP are vowing to create headaches for President Joe Biden if they are able to win back control of one or both chambers of Congress next year. Republicans have suggested things like launching committees to impeach or seeing if Biden could be removed through the 25th amendment.

“We are at a point in America where we see things like this from Congress all the time now. This is just part of the new normal,” said Doug Heye, a GOP strategist and former House leadership staffer.

Republicans hold the minority status in both chambers, but if they just win back the House, they would have the numbers to investigate or hold impeachment proceedings against Biden.

GOP strategist and Mitch McConnell’s former campaign adviser, Scott Jennings, said Democrats opened a “Pandora’s box” during Trump’s term.

They’re “engaging in the behavior that they’ve been taught by Democrats,” Jennings said.


‘New normal’: GOP signals big headaches for Biden after midterms

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