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January 1, Republicans Cancel Anti-Trump Liz Cheney



How are you, America,

Here’s what’s going on with the Republican Party. Rep. Liz Cheney was ousted as GOP No. 3 House leader. Her ouster was, of course, orchestrated by Former President Donald Trump. Cheney was one of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach the former president. That’s what you get when you turn against Trump.

Finally, Colonial Pipeline is now back in operations after being offline for 5 days. The ransomware attack to the pipeline prompted panic, gas shortages, and price hike. The company warned, though, that supply chain won’t be back to normal for several days. Patience, guys.

What’s your stance on“vaccine passports”? Hundreds of people in Orange County are opposed to it. They let officials know by holding a protest to blast the Board of Supervisors for a proposal to create digital records that can document a person’s COVID-19 vaccination status. For sure, discussion around vaccine passports is not just limited to Orange County.

In a separate protest, hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians clashed in New York City on Tuesday to object the attacks in Gaza and Tel Aviv. The war has already killed at least 55 people, including children. The NYPD had a hard time separating the warring crowds. Trump blames the Biden administration for the ongoing war in Gaza.

Medical researchers say “Men who develop COVID-19 should be aware that ED could be adverse effect.” The coronavirus can attack not only the lungs but can spread “and affect many organs, including the penis.” There were reports that several male Covid victims developed severe erectile dysfunction after the onset of the infection.

American Idol fans were shocked when Wyatt Pike mysteriously left the competition in April. Now, another fan favorite gave up his chances to become the next superstar. Caleb Kennedy left AI after a video of him wearing what appears to be a Ku Klux Klan hood surfaced on social media. Caleb was 12 in the video. Your past has a way to sneak up on you.

Take it easy,

Fraser Dixon


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