November 28, 2022

Pop Singer Sentenced to 13 Years in Jail

Canadian pop star Kris Wu has been sentenced to 13 years in jail.

A court in Beijing, China, found the 32-year-old guilty on charges of sexual assault and assembling a crowd to engage in sexual promiscuity.

Wu, also known as Wu Yifan, was detained in China in July 2021, after an 18-year-old student accused him of coercing her and other girls into sex. The court said its investigation showed that the singer had raped three women.

“Wu Yifan took advantage of three drunken women … at his home,” the court said.

Additionally, Wu has been ordered to pay $83.77 million for tax offenses, including hiding personal income. According to authorities, Wu’s tax evasion from 2019 to 2020 totaled $13 million.

Wu will also be deported from the country, the court said.

Source: New York Post

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  1. Tim says:

    is that a them/they/she/it?

  2. art says:

    why can the USA be more like china then the democrats would happy as pigs in sh1t

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