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(Gallup) – Even as their economy roared, more Americans were stressed, angry and worried last year than they have been at most points during the past decade. Asked about their feelings the previous day, the majority of Americans (55%) in 2018 said they had experienced stress during a lot of the day, nearly half (45%) said they felt worried a lot and more than one in five (22%) said they felt anger a lot.

AOC Gets Slammed on Twitter for Misidentifying Fellow Dem As Republican

Freshman firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., came under fire on Thursday for an attack on Republicans that mistakenly identified a fellow Democrat as a GOP lawmaker.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, the progressive Ocasio-Cortez chided Republicans by posting: “GOP: Let’s pose our older male members next to cardboard cutouts of young female legislators.”

Daily Caller correspondent Ryan Saavedra tweeted :“AOC doesn’t even know who her Democrat colleagues in Congress are, how embarrassing.”

Amazon’s Record $3.6B Profit Crushes Earnings Estimates handily beat Wall Street estimates for profit for the first quarter of 2019 — reporting $3.6 billion net income, an all-time quarterly record for the ecommerce behemoth.

Sales increased 17% to $59.7 billion in Q1, with net profit more than doubling in the first quarter to deliver earnings of $7.09 per diluted share, the company said in a statement.

Report: Baltimore’s Mayor Pugh Has Fled State

In the wake of federal raids at the homes and City Hall offices of embattled Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, one report asserted she has skipped town.

The first-term Democratic mayor slipped out of sight April 1, citing deteriorating health, just as Gov. Larry Hogan called on the state prosecutor to investigate allegations of “self-dealing.” She has not been heard from since.

According to the Associated Press, Pugh’s main spokesman, James Bentley, said he had not spoken with her and does not even know where she is. 

Scarlett Johansson on Running for Office: ‘Maybe at Some Point’

(Variety) – President Scarlett Johansson, anyone?

While she may not be running for office at the moment, Johansson says a campaign may be in her future.

“Maybe some time in the future,” she says when asked if her political activism has inspired her own aspirations. “I think the greatest way to effect change is in local politics. Maybe at some point in the distant future I will feel that calling, but I just haven’t.”

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