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Vice President Mike Pence and Justice Department officials will huddle with Senate Republicans on Tuesday about President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration ahead of a House vote expected to shoot it down, The Hill reported.

The meeting comes ahead of a vote in the Democratic-majority House to block Trump’s declaration. Its expected passage sends the fight to the Senate, where Democrats need to flip four Republicans.

Trump ARRIVES IN VIETNAM, TAmPS Down Expectations

(AP) – Redefining success, President Donald Trump headed to his second meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un on Monday, determined to tamp down expectations that he’ll achieve big strides toward denuclearization. Yet he was still eager to claim an attention-grabbing victory to offset the political turmoil he faces at home.

Trump laid out ultimate goals for both the U.S. and Kim in an appearance before the nation’s governors Monday before boarding Air Force One to fly to Vietnam: “We want denuclearization, and I think he’ll have a country that will set a lot of records for speed in terms of an economy.”

Cohen to Offer New Trump Russia Details to US Congress

(Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen plans to tell U.S. lawmakers this week that Trump asked him several times about a proposed skyscraper project in Moscow long after he secured the Republican presidential nomination, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Dems Block Senate GOP Bill on Infants Surviving Abortions

(AP) – Senate Democrats on Monday blocked a Republican bill that would have threatened prison for doctors who don’t try saving the life of infants born alive during abortions.

The measure seemed doomed from the start but offered the GOP a chance to appeal to conservative voters.

Jon Stewart Praises ‘Trump DOJ’ on 9/11 Victims Fund

Former Comedy Central star Jon Stewart on Monday heaped praise on the Department of Justice under President Donald Trump for its management of a 9/11 victims compensation fund that is running out of money.

video of the remarks was posted on YouTube.

Stewart said the proper funding “comes down to 12 Republicans on the Senate side” needed to vote to help replenish the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

And the fact there even needs to be a debate about this is “bulls**t,” he lamented.

YouTube Blocks Advertising Promoting Anti-Vax Content

YouTube is blocking channels that promote anti-vaccination content from running ads, asserting they violate policy prohibiting advertisements with videos containing “dangerous and harmful” content.BuzzFeed News first reported the move, noting a number of ads for companies selling health-related items slipped through YouTube’s system and were allowed to play during videos on channels that promote anti-vax agendas.

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