September 23, 2022

News Anchor Fired After Curse-Filled Tirade Against Female Co-Host

A local news anchor in Missouri was fired after he launched an off-air, curse-filled tirade against a female co-host.

Anchor Vic Faust berated Crystal Cooper, the co-host of his morning local radio show, on Sept. 13. While the profanity-laden outburst occurred off-air, it was still digitally recorded and sent anonymously to a local news outlet’s tip line.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Faust used profanity against Cooper at least 40 times. Faust made derogatory comments about Cooper’s weight and parenting abilities “and repeatedly addressed her by a curse word most commonly directed at women,” according to the outlet.

“Your kids have a [expletive] terrible mom. I feel sorry for them,” he said. Faust also called Cooper “fat,” “stupid,” and “nasty.”

He also told Cooper not to come back to the show.

“If you come back, I’m going to be in your [expletive] every [expletive] day,” Faust said, adding that he would “call you a [expletive] every day.”

Faust, who served as one of the local Fox affiliate’s main news anchors for more than seven years, posted a public apology on Wednesday.

“I am very sorry. My words hurt Crystal, my colleagues and family. I made a huge mistake and I’m ashamed,” Faust wrote on Twitter.

“As I work to earn trust again, I hope we can have an open dialogue about respect in the workplace and forgiveness. My mistake is not my kids’. Please respect their privacy,” the post read. He later deleted his Twitter account.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

6 comments on News Anchor Fired After Curse-Filled Tirade Against Female Co-Host

  1. RSM4 says:

    Yes, he should have been fired. His behavior was totally unacceptable and unprofessional. It does not matter what her behavior was, he should have actively tried to resolve the issues way before this. Letting himself feel like he was pushed into a corner where he felt he had to rant, showed great immaturity on his part.
    1SG, USA, Ret

  2. Connie says:

    Sheesh! He expressed his true feelings toward his co-host, and now he thinks he should be forgiven for that very nasty tirade? Not a chance. His ‘apology’ doesn’t begin to negate his actions.

  3. Travis R says:

    Woman get mouthy on air and nothing. Man vents off air and gets fired.
    This is the ussa in all its glory.

  4. Bill says:

    Interesting that apologies always come when they are trying to pull their fat out of the fire they it. The words phony and insincere screams loudly.

  5. anthony cuccia jr says:

    Since when speaking your mind other than threatening a person; a firing offence,/crime?

  6. Jorie Billingsly says:

    I would fire any employee who would verbally berate another. There are ways of airing grievances in the workplace
    and the way he chose to do it is not a crime but surely a firing offence.

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