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January 1, New York Proposes Bill to Remove Criminal Records



Good morning Americans,

A new proposed bill in New York is getting strong support from lawmakers, businesses and labor unions. The bill, called The Clean Slate Act, aims to automatically erase publicly available criminal records after people have completed the terms of their punishments. Of course, this will apply to minor crimes only.

When Sen. Rand Paul received a mysterious package containing white powder at his house, the Republican said knew exactly who was behind it. His suspect: pop singer Richard Marx. What’s going on with these two?

Some people are saying that the lunar eclipse, called the Flower Blood Moon, seen Wednesday is ” just one of many signs the end of the world is drawing close.” TV evangelists even cited the Ancient Bible. Relax guys, the eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon.

Remember William Shakespeare? Not the famous writer/poet but the first man in the world to be given the Covid vaccine. Sadly, the 81-year-old passed away on Thursday after suffering a stroke. Doctors say the vaccine has nothing to do with his passing.

Most fitness buffs love to do their workouts in the morning. They say jogging or running keeps them energized the whole day. A new study says evening exercise may be more effective if your goal is to improve your metabolic health. Exercise timing depends on one’s preference and availability, I guess.

Brennifer fans, you wanna hear this! As we anticipate the premiere of Friends: The Reunion at HBO Max, Jennifer Aniston revealed one of her favorite guest stars on Friends is her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. She even described him as “wonderful” and “fantastic.”

Keep safe,

Fraser Dixon


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