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January 1, Matthew McConaughey: Next Texas Governor?



Happy Monday morning America!

Texans can’t wait to vote for Matthew McConaughey to be their next governor. The actor leads incumbent Greg Abbot 45% to 33%. But it’s still a long way to November and McConaughey’s path will surely not be easy. But, I can already hear him making a speech: “Alright, alright, alright!”

Minneapolis is on its toes as Derek Chauvin trial enters the final phase of his murder trial in the death of George Floyd. Protests and unrest loom the city. The latest was a drive-by shooting early Sunday that targeted a security team and injured two National Guard members. The ex-cop refused to testify.

We all know somebody who lost their job during the pandemic. A lot of businesses, big and small, were also affected. But, what’s this news in Georgia about businesses that can’t reopen due to the lack of workers. News says “nobody comes in looking for a job” and they’re pointing at unemployment benefits as the reason.

Dogs are special. Not only are they men’s best friends but they also have this super smelling skill that make them good at detecting illegal drugs. Now, dogs who are specially trained can detect positive coronavirus samples with up to 96% accuracy. Wow, good dog!

Good to see brothers William and Harry together again. The princes were seen chatting with each other after their grandfather’s, Prince Phillip, funeral on Saturday. The world was kept anticipating their reunion after the Meghan-Harry interview with Oprah early this year.

More than a year after Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash, his wife Vanessa Bryant shared old photos of their wedding. The two were married 20 years ago. There was also a video of the NBA legend talking about how he loved Vanessa.

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