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January 1, How This Man Lives ‘Life of Luxury’ on $2,233 a Month



Olumide Gbenro, a 33-year-old entrepreneur, says he’s “living a life of luxury” while spending a modest $2,233 a month.

Gbenro, a self-proclaimed digital nomad, moved to Bali in 2019.

“I’m never worried about money anymore because Bali has a much lower cost of living than the U.S.,” Gbenro said.

Here is a monthly breakdown of Gbenro’s spending, according to CNBC:

Rent and utilities: $1,010
Food: $600
Transportation: $98
Phone: $28
Health insurance: $137
Travel: $300
Laundry: $60

Total: $2,233

“I’m probably spending about the same amount of money I would each month if I was living in San Diego, but my quality of living is much higher,” Gbenro said. “I’m living a life of luxury.” 

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.” 


This 33-year-old left the U.S. for Bali and lives a ‘life of luxury’ on $2,233 a month—how he spends his money

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