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January 1, GOP Candidate Accuses Facebook of ‘Illegal’ Interference



Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate Chad Prather is accusing Facebook of blocking him from accessing his page just days before the Lone Star state’s primary election.

Prather said the ban came from a months-old comment discussing the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot. A commentator, who tends to “spam” his page and “comments nonstop,” called the events of the day an “insurrection.”

Prather responded to the poster by saying that the FBI didn’t classify the event as an insurrection, accusing the commenter of using “victimhood” in her favor.

Facebook notified Prather that he’d received a seven-day ban for “bullying” starting on Feb. 21, but the primary election is March 1.

“They silenced my campaign on Facebook,” Prather said. “This is illegal. This is interference. This is absolutely a travesty to the political process of free and fair elections.”

“We know that this is a targeted thing,” Prather said. “Especially when Greg Abbott, the governor of [Texas] is the No. 2 subsidizer of Facebook in the nation. So that Facebook will do business in Texas, he subsidizes them, brings them here. They’re in bed together.”


‘This is interference’: Facebook locks GOP candidate’s page days ahead of primary

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