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January 1, Gabbard: Biden’s “Just a Front Man” for Obama



Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) slammed President Joe Biden, saying that he’s “just a front” man for former President Barack Obama.

“Biden is just a front man,” Gabbard wrote on Twitter. The 2020 presidential candidate pointed out that on April 21, Obama said that “social media censors ‘don’t go far enough,’ so the government needs to step in to do the job.”

“Six days later, Homeland Security rolls out the ‘Ministry of Truth’ (aka Disinformation Governance Board).”

The tweet wasn’t Gabbard’s first public criticism of the Disinformation Governance Board.

“This is the kind of thing that you see in dictatorships, this Ministry of Truth, this Department of Propaganda that the Biden administration has just stood up,” Gabbard said during an appearance on Hannity last week.

“The reason why you see this in dictatorships is because they’re afraid of us. They are afraid of the people. They’re afraid that we might actually think for ourselves.”


‘Just a front man’: Tulsi Gabbard says Biden carries out Obama’s wishes



  1. it’s been like that with clintons
    and kept going on
    their all in government to get rich and the hell with what the citizens want and
    what is best for the US
    they all need to go anywhere but go retire
    and don’t collect Social security

    • R

      May 7, 2022 at 7:58 am

      Well said! They live off on others Taxes. They collect handsome amount of money with the knowledge of inside Stocks before the public knowledge.
      Look how their kids & their families become Millionaires. They don’t retire. The Rules are for thee Not me. Not a single one broke the silent so for except the Former Rep.
      Salute to her & her courage.
      May God keep her & her family SAFE for ever.

      • David in MA

        May 8, 2022 at 10:45 pm

        She is going to run for V.P. to Manchin is 2024, I betcha.

    • David in MA

      May 8, 2022 at 10:43 pm

      send them all to GITMO as expected to flee prosecution while this is investigated.

  2. wboehmer

    May 7, 2022 at 6:08 am

    Front man?
    Nobody in their right mind would have Biden as their “front man.”

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