April 9, 2022

Feds: Man Threatened Ted Cruz For Not Returning His Calls

Federal agents arrested a man for making threats against the life of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Washington state resident Eric Kikkert, a convicted felon, called Cruz’s office on March 21, saying that the senator could “either answer my questions by giving me a call, or at the end of my rifle.”

The criminal complaint states that the following day, Kikkert sent a picture of himself during his military days and a text message: “Ted Cruz is going to call me or ill [I’ll] end up in his fucking face with an assault rifle.”

Kikkert, who reportedly has a history of mental illness, also left multiple voicemails for the senator with various nonsensical demands.

“That’s a f–king vaccine,” he said in one voicemail, according to the complaint. “And if you don’t f–king talk to me about it, if you don’t advocate for it, I’m going to f–king blow your brains out.”

In another message, the complaint states, Kikkert told Cruz, “I’m gonna blow your f–king brains out dude, literally.”

The Daily Beast noted that it’s unclear why Kikkert was upset with Cruz aside from being unresponsive to his communications.


Man Threatened to Shoot Ted Cruz for Not Calling Him Back: Feds

One comment on “Feds: Man Threatened Ted Cruz For Not Returning His Calls

  1. Camille Gilliam says:

    Now that is one guy that should NOT own a gun. He is definitely mentally ill.

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