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January 1, FBI weighs in on new Zodiac Killer information



After an independent group of cold-case investigators announced they’d discovered the Zodiac Killer’s identity, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed that the case “remains open and unsolved.”

“The FBI’s investigation into the Zodiac Killer remains open and unsolved,” FBI officials said in a statement. “Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, and out of respect for the victims and their families, we will not be providing further comment at this time.”

Case Breakers, a team consisting of over 40 former law enforcement officials, identified the Zodiac Killer as Gary Francis Poste, an Air Force veteran who died in 2018.

The group also said they have evidence that linked Poste to a sixth murder in 1966 — roughly two years before the Zodiac Killer’s first victim on record. Case Breakers believe that Poste killed Cheri Jo Bates, 18, on the Riverside City College campus. However, Riverside police said they’ve already debunked that theory.

“Is there a chance that [Poste] killed Cheri Jo Bates? No,” officer Ryan Railsback said. “If you read what they put out, it’s all circumstantial evidence. It’s not a whole lot.”


Zodiac Killer case remains ‘open and unsolved,’ FBI says

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