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January 1, EPA lawsuit alleges Biden’s ‘purge’ violates federal law



A former member of the Science Advisory Board (SAB) filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), alleging that the Biden administration’s “purge” of members violates federal law.

“In its haste to eliminate all traces of industry from its advisory committees, EPA ran roughshod over FACA and its obligation to engage in reasoned decision-making,” the suit read.

FACA, or the Federal Advisory Committee Act, is meant to ensure advisory committees are “objective.”

EPA Administrator Michael Regan removed over 40 members from the SAB and the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), arguing that the move rid the committees of undue industry influence.

“The committees are now unfairly balanced – both in terms of points of view and the functions the committees are required to perform – because they lack a single member affiliated with regulated industries,” the lawsuit reads.


New lawsuit cries corruption in Biden’s EPA

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