June 12, 2022

Dodgers Fan Booted for Wardrobe Malfunction

A woman was escorted out of Dodger Stadium after repeatedly exposing her breasts while dancing during a Mets-Dodgers game.

A TikTok video shows the fan dancing in a backless outfit before security approaches her.

“She was obviously drunk,” wrote Mirza Lisbeth Pineda, who posted the video. “She was living her dream as a Dodger cheerleader but her dress wasn’t ‘Micheladas-approved’ so her girl keeps popping out.”

According to Pineda, “Karens” complained because the woman was pretty. “She wasn’t bothering anybody, and the guys were happy for the free show.”

A follow-up video shows the woman being escorted out by several staff members.

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One comment on “Dodgers Fan Booted for Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. Truth Vaccine says:

    They were confused as to what a woman is and were frightened.

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