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January 1, COVID variant in Florida balloons after spring break



Happy Sunday, Americans!

The number of residents in Florida infected with the more transmissible, mutated COVID-19 strains continue to rise following the state’s spring break peak. These “variants of concern” as per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are said to be deadlier and resistant to treatment and current vaccines.

The prevalence of mass shootings across the US is prompting the White House to review its current laws on gun access. However, with the complexity of regulating gun ownership and control, legislation may still endure a long staggering process. Sigh.

Artificial Intelligence expert Dr. Kate Darling campaigns for robots being “human’s best partners and helpers” in the future. The research emphasizes that robots can help humans flourish if we treat them like domesticated animals. Interesting!

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan face misconduct after having reportedly misused State Department resources. Based on reports, there were over a hundred instances that were committed by the couple that are not official in nature. What are you gonna do now, Mike?

Soon after the release of an Arkansas man, Cordell Coleman stormed off in a stolen police car that was parked in front of the jail. Coleman, now charged with felony theft, has earned a return jail trip quickly, following his second arrest.

The prestigious 93rd Academy Awards is set to continue this year at the Union Station, amid ongoing pandemic surge. Organizers say that guests are significantly downsized – while strictly adhering to health protocols. Good luck with the hosting!

You make good choices, and stay safe,

Fraser Dixon


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