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January 1, Chauvin put under suicide watch as he starts his jail sentence



Hello, Americans!

Derek Chauvin has been put to maximum security prison and placed under suicide watch. He faces a minimum sentence of nearly 13 years and a maximum of 40-year life imprisonment. The infamous ex-cop is now enjoying the consequences of his actions. 

Apparently, only about five out of 10 Republicans were in accordance with the guilty verdict given to George Floyd’s killer, ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. While the majority of Democrats and independents strongly supported the conviction, half of GOPs were skeptical. Something is wrong.

In a bid to avoid the hazardous effects of artificial intelligence, the EU has released a regulatory proposal on its use. For one, the international group is looking to ban AI’s capability to do live facial scanning. Let’s see what happens on this.

Amazon has introduced a biometric technology that would let a customer pay for his/her purchase with a palm swipe. The move came as the company promotes contactless business transactions. Good move on this one, Amazon.

Dubbed as the NBA’s greatest shooter of all time, Stephen Curry continues to amaze all basketball fanatics across the world. The point-god is averaging over 41 points in the last 10 games. He just can’t miss.

John Legend seemed to shrug off expectations that being a black musician, he should always do music to fight social injustices and other pressing issues. The singer confessed that he sometimes wanted to just sing about other stuff like romance and sex. John seems to want to live in balance.

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