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January 1, Biden poses to implement highest corporate tax in decades



Hello, Americans!

President Joe Biden is about to drop the biggest bomb for US-based companies, and that would be the largest corporate tax increase over the past decades. I wonder if these corporations supported Biden during his presidential run now that he’s running over their money.

In dealing with his alleged sexual misconduct with a minor, GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL.) is facing the public via the “Donald Trump” way. That means to say that he continues to bombard all media channels with his rhetorics. The public, though, thinks that it’s not a good strategy at all.

It may seem like a long way to go, but cryptocurrency is starting to penetrate financial structures and services in the US. Policymakers are now assessing what could be the feasible ways to get the digital dollar rolling.

Computers will soon take over humans in movie scriptwriting. Another beauty of artificial intelligence has taken its toll. Let’s see if their story-telling is good enough.

Florida Gators tight end Kyle Pitts impressed NFL evaluators during Wednesday’s pro day. In fact, he already proclaimed that he would be the league’s best TE! Let your game do the talking, man.

Female celebrities are coming together in support of transgender women and girls after signing an open letter penned by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. The list includes Selena Gomez, Gabrielle Union and Wanda Sykes, and many more. Who run the world? Girls!

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