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January 1, After Gas Pipeline, Hackers Now Target Meat Supply



Good Morning Americans,

Hackers are at it again. Several weeks ago, they attacked Colonial Pipeline Co. and caused gasoline shortages. Now, the world’s biggest meat supplier has become the latest victim of a cybersecurity attack. JBS stopped processing at one of Canada’s largest meatpacking plants, canceled all beef and lamb kills across Australia, and canceled kill and fabrication shifts in the U.S.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin accused Sen. Ted Cruz of helping China and Russia by his rhetoric. Cruz tweeted early last month that “woke” policies have reduced US military readiness. Cruz also accused Democrats and woke media of “trying to turn them into pansies.” “Pansy” is a term used for someone effeminate or gay.

Is it bye-bye Bibi now? There are still a lot of obstacles before the opposition can oust PM Benjamin Netanyahu, but Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid is positive they will achieve the “greater goal”. Netanyahu has ruled Israel for a total of 15 years.

The pandemic is making children’s vision worse. Due to increased screen time, of course. According to eye doctors, more and more children who were in virtual school see them for new and worsening prescriptions for myopia, or nearsightedness. Digital eye strain is also a problem.

Naomi Osaka announced she’s backed out from the French Open which is being held from May 30 to June 13. Not only that, the Women’s world number 2 tennis player said she will be stepping back from tennis for some time. On Sunday she won her opening match against Patricia Maria Tig. Osaka said she’ll also skip the press conferences due to anxiety and depression. Hang in there, Naomi.

Va-va-voom! Rebel Wilson hit the beach last weekend displaying her new figure. The comedienne looked fabulous in her summertime-chic look — a black one-piece that features a zipper down the front, Givenchy slides, a blue brimmed hat and classic sunglasses. You can see her photos on Instagram. Rebel, who lost 60 pound last year, looks amazing!

Keep safe,

Fraser Dixon


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