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1,634 Noncitizens Tried to Vote in Georgia Election



Georgia state officials announced that 1,634 noncitizens were caught trying to register to vote.

“Ensuring that only citizens are voting in Georgia’s elections is key to upholding the integrity of the vote in Georgia,” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said.

“As liberal states and cities around the country are changing their laws to allow noncitizen voting, I will continue to take steps to ensure Georgia’s elections are executed with integrity.”

The state’s inaugural citizenship review found that 1,634 noncitizens attempted to register. The offenders have since been classified as “pending citizenship,” making them ineligible for Georgia’s voter rolls. None of the individuals had voted in recent elections.

“As soon as you see that they were born in a foreign country, then the next question logically was going to be the proof of your citizenship,” Raffensperger said

“If they don’t present that, then they are not registered to vote.”


Raffensperger said his office will prosecute those who registered illegally.

“We will do our due diligence, ask them individually, and then we will prosecute,” Raffensperger said.

“I just want everyone to be clear: In Georgia, you have got to be an American citizen to vote. And if you aren’t and you’re trying to vote, we will prosecute you.”


Georgia finds more than 1,600 noncitizens attempted to register to vote in first citizenship review