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January 1, Pentagon officials say national security at risk



Top Pentagon officials, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, warn that a default on the national debt would threaten national security and harm military members and families.

“If the United States defaults, it would undermine the economic strength on which our national security rests,” Austin said. “It would also seriously harm our service members and their families because, as Secretary, I would have no authority or ability to ensure that our service members, civilians, or contractors would be paid in full or on time.”

Six former Defense secretaries sent a separate letter to Congress on Wednesday echoing the same concerns. The group implored legislators “to work together to raise the statutory debt limit and avoid catastrophic consequences for the Defense Department, our military families, and our position of leadership in the world.”

In July, the US reached its borrowing limit, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that leadership must raise the debt ceiling by Oct. 18 or risk a historic, catastrophic default.

Austin outlined what’s at stake in the event Congress fails to act, including the benefits “earned by and owed to 2.4 million military retirees and 400,000 survivors.”

The group of six former Pengaton chiefs says if the US fails to pay its millions of service members, “we will not have a highly capable military to fight and win the nation’s wars.”


Pentagon chiefs say debt default could risk national security



  1. Gerald Ladd

    October 7, 2021 at 12:43 am

    Lloyd Austin is as stupid as blow hole Killer Joe!

  2. Kenneth Bottomley

    October 7, 2021 at 1:00 am

    What this is saying is give Pelosi and her gang what they want so the money will be there for are national security but, their using that to get the 3.5 and all the hidden stuff that they want pasted. Pelosi and he gang needs to be impeached and removed NOW, NOT given their way again, this must stop, soon they will have everything right where they want it and, they will be untouchable !

  3. JE

    October 7, 2021 at 1:52 am

    Everyone needs to do a little research including reporters of news. The US will still bring in 200B + per month from tax revenue to pay the debt owed. if nothing gets passed, by law, US debt is paid first, then SS and benefits. As for National security – since the US is printing excessive amounts of money to cover spending and borrowing excessive amount of dollars, this alone puts the US National Security at Risk! Read history about when this occurs to determine our future security posture as related o printing large sums of money and having excessive debt. You come to some sobering conclusions about where the US is headed.

  4. Joe

    October 7, 2021 at 2:12 am

    Hidenbiden,austin,mckenzie,white rage milley,blinken,sullivan,kerry, and most of his administration,need to step down,or be removed,impeached, for their incompetency of betraying Americans,getting them killed with allies. Ane leaving them as hostages, so they are now trapped because of total ignorance. Some one needs to held accountable, from top to bottom. Open borders,inflation out of control, crime out of control,murders up every where because of no police, U just can’t fix stupi.d, and that’s all we’ve had with corrupt,out of touch,administration,with a blithering, babbling, incoherant,embarrassment,clown with his circus o cartoon, characters. There is no common sense with these people.

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