October 18, 2021

Oregon county declares emergency over illegal weed

An Oregon county declared a state of emergency, saying it’s so overwhelmed by an increase in the number and size of illegal marijuana farms.

“Jackson County strongly requests your assistance to address this emergency,” the Jackson County Board of Commissioners wrote in a letter to the governor and legislators.

The commissions said law enforcement officers and regulators are overwhelmed. The group warned of an “imminent threat to the public health and safety of our citizens from the illegal production of cannabis in our county.”

A megadrought in the West created urgency among marijuana growers, as illegal growers pilfer much-needed water reserves.

The commissioners noted that illegal marijuana farms often pose as legal hemp farms. State health officials reported that about 25 percent of registered hemp farms refused entry to inspectors.


Overwhelmed by illegal pot, Oregon county declares emergency

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  1. Kenneth says:

    They dug the hole they are living in. So be it. You are looking good Oregon. Go dems

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