October 22, 2021

Kamala Harris heckled during speech

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On Friday, a heckler disrupted Vice President Kamala Harris’s speech on the White House’s Build Back Better plan and bipartisan infrastructure deal.

A man in the New York audience interrupted Harris to say that improved infrastructure would have prevented drowning deaths in Queens during Hurricane Ida earlier this year.

Harris responded to the heckler, saying, “you are right, brother.” She added, “you and I will talk after I give my comments, and I am happy to talk with you.”

“But right now, let’s talk about the agenda that will include speaking to all people and allowing everybody to be heard, because that’s part of what we want in our democracy,” Harris said. “Everybody gets a chance to talk and everybody gets a chance to be heard.”

Security escorted the man out.


Kamala Harris engages with heckler during New York speech

Photo by Gage Skidmore. License

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