October 8, 2021

Accidental deaths of nine US service members blamed on burnout

The US Marine Corps concluded its investigation into the 2020 training accident that killed nine service members, finding that pandemic burnout was central to their deaths.

“The claims on their time and attention surfaced in a number of interviews with several senior officers who described the conditions during this period as second only to their experience in combat,” Lt. Gen. Carl Mundy III found in the report.

Eight Marines and one sailor drowned when their AAV sank off the California coast. A previous investigation found that the deaths were “preventable.” Poor vehicle maintenance and human error contributed to the disaster.

The new report prompted the Navy and Marine Corps to promise changes.

“This tragedy should never have occurred,” Vice Adm. Roy Kitchener said. “We will not let the lives be lost in vain. We have learned from this, and we will permanently improve the way we plan and execute amphibious operations.”


Marines say burnout and COVID-19 contributed to 2020 accident that killed nine

September 1, 2021

Father of Marine killed in Kabul terror attack says meeting with Biden ‘didn’t go well’

Mark Schmitz, the father of a marine killed in the terror attack in Kabul last week, staunchly criticized his meeting with President Biden, saying that it “didn’t go well.”

“Well, initially, I wasn’t going to meet with him, but then I felt I owed it to my son to at least have some words with him about how I felt, and it didn’t go well,” Schmitz told Sean Hannity of Fox News.

Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, Schmitz’s 20-year-old son, was one of the 13 service members killed by a suicide bomber at the Kabul airport.

Schmitz added that Biden “talked a bit more about his own son than he did my son, and that didn’t sit well with me,” referring to Biden’s late son Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

“I actually leaned into my son’s mother’s ear, and I said ‘I swear to God if he checks his watch one more time…’ and [that] was probably only four times in,” Schmitz said. “I couldn’t look at him anymore after that, considering, especially, the time and why we were there. I found it to be the most disrespectful thing I’d ever seen.”


‘Don’t you ever forget that name’: Biden’s tough meeting with grieving relatives

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