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January 1, Marine Dies During Live-Fire Training at Camp Pendleton in California



In a tragic incident, a U.S. Marine lost his life during a live-fire training exercise in Oceanside, California.

Friday morning brought the sad revelation from officials that a Marine from Camp Pendleton’s School of Infantry-West had died on the previous evening while participating in a live-fire drill.

Captain Josh Pena, representing the Training and Education Command that oversees the infantry school, expressed the institution’s commitment to assisting the family and peers of the Marine who passed away.

Pena remarked, “The command is fully cooperating with the investigation efforts. SOI-W is providing support to the family and peers of the deceased during this difficult time. There is no additional information available at this time.”

Camp Pendleton’s School of Infantry-West serves as a pivotal training hub for newly minted Marines following their completion of boot camp. This exercise was part and parcel of their standard training regimen.

The Marine Corps website provides insight into the school’s objectives, stating, “At SOI, recently graduated enlisted Marines continue their education and training to become more proficient in the fundamentals of being a rifleman.”

It further explains that Marines specialized in infantry roles undergo training at the Infantry Training Battalion (ITB), whereas those from other specialties receive their training at the Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT).

Captain Pena confirmed that, in line with protocol, further details and the identity of the deceased Marine will be unveiled 24 hours post the family being informed of the heartbreaking incident.

Authorities are actively investigating the event to determine the specifics surrounding this tragic loss.

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  1. Charles Evering

    August 24, 2023 at 7:37 pm

    The only question that should be asked of candidates in this year’s and every years election is WHAT WILL YOU DO DIFFERENT THAN THE CURRENT GROUP IN OFFIVE?

  2. Charles Evering

    August 24, 2023 at 7:39 pm

    As for this story COMBAT TRAINING is dangerous and always has been. Folks should Remer this when it comes to voting on pay for the troops.

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