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January 1, Younger Customers Abandon Costco for Sam’s Club’s Futuristic Shopping Experience



Sam’s Club, owned by Walmart, has been investing heavily in high-tech features, and it’s starting to pay off. According to a CNBC interview with CEO Chris Nicholas, the company has seen a 68 percent increase in Gen Z shoppers. Many of these younger customers are attracted to Sam’s Club’s advanced technology, an area where rival Costco seems to be lacking.

“That generation believes it’s cool to save money, and we agree with them,” Nicholas told the outlet. Both Sam’s Club and Costco offer bargain prices, so why are shoppers switching over? The answer lies in the convenience offered by technology.

Nicholas believes that the spike in younger customers proves that technology is essential to the shopping experience. “That’s not something typical of the club model, but it’s something that we offer, and it’s something that’s really resonating with our members,” he said.

While both warehouses have self-checkout kiosks, Sam’s Club also has the Scan & Go app. This app allows customers to scan items using a barcode feature and complete their purchases digitally, bypassing the checkout lines.

What really sets Sam’s Club apart, though, is its “Seamless Exit Technology.” In a January press release, the company unveiled an AI machine that detects items in customers’ carts as they exit through an archway, eliminating the need for physical receipt checks. Costco, on the other hand, still uses in-person receipt checking.

These technological advancements have led to increased customer satisfaction scores and membership renewals for Sam’s Club. “It drives engagement. It drives renewal rates. It drives people to tell their friends, ‘You’ve got to come to Sam’s Club, and you’ve got to sign up for a membership,'” Nicholas explained.

Discussions on social media reflect this shift in preference. In a Reddit thread, some users admitted that the Scan & Go feature convinced them to switch from Costco to Sam’s Club.

“Scan and go best thing ever for sam club,” said one user, with another adding, “I do love it and that is actually the reason I go to Sam’s and not Costco now.”

As technology continues to shape the future of retail, it’s clear that Sam’s Club’s investments are paying off while Costco’s comparatively lackluster tech offerings may be costing them customers.

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1 Comment

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    June 29, 2024 at 9:09 am

    Getting gas at Lubbock Tx location is a joke. Needs twice as many pumps.

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