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January 1, House passes massive $3.5 trillion Biden budget after deal with moderates



Despite turbulence, House Democratic leaders muscled President Joe Biden’s massive $3.5 trillion budget blueprint over a crucial hurdle on Tuesday.

The measure, staunchly opposed by Republicans, passed with a narrow 220-212 vote.

Moderate Democrats had threatened to withhold their votes unless the House first approved a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package that’s already passed the Senate.

The two sides compromised, with Nancy Pelosi committing to a vote on the bipartisan package no later than Sept. 27. The House Speaker’s goal is to pass both measures by Oct. 1.

Republicans criticized Democrats for pursuing their agendas, saying that all focus should be on Afghanistan, as thousands of people Americans are trying to flee the country as the US withdraws its forces.

“We should be doing nothing else on this floor until every single American is home,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader.


House passes $3.5T Biden blueprint after deal with moderates

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