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January 1, Growing threat of political violence in our country?



Are you concerned about the growing threat of political violence in our country? A lot of people are. And two cops in Louisiana are not helping. One was fired for suggesting that controversial congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez “needs a round, and not the kind she used to serve” – meaning a bullet. The second officer liked the tweet.

 We also have a link to a new Medium post by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She is sounding the alarm about a coming recession. In today’s brief, you can also find links to a story about the beef brewing between Taylor Swift, her fans, and Sen. Kamala Harris. Plus a new Pew Poll shows that trust is in decline in America. And remember Tom Cruise’s iconic bomber jacket? Did the film makers alter the jack for the new Top Gun sequel to appease China?

Read all about it – below. Plus watch the crazy video a judge who was dragged out of the courtroom following her own sentencing!

– Fraser Dixon

Two Louisiana Cops Fired For Facebook Post Suggesting AOC Should Be Shot

New Orleans Time Picayune  reports that Two Louisiana police officers were fired Monday, just days after one of them wrote in a Facebook post that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “vile idiot” who should be shot. 

Elizabeth Warren Is Very Worried About a Recession

“Warning lights are flashing,” the Massachusetts senator wrote in a Medium post Monday. “Whether it’s this year or next year, the odds of another economic downturn are high—and growing.”

Sen. Warren’s warning is significant because in 2003, she predicted that lax mortgage lending standards would lead to a financial crisis and a big economic crash. In 2008, her prediction came true.

Taylor Swift’s Fans Boo Kamala Harris

According to the Daily Beast, “Taylor Swift will not be voting for Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. And neither will her millions of fans, known as Swifties, if the latest Twitter explosion is anything to go by.”

Poll Shows Increasing Mistrust Among Americans

The Pew Research Center found 69 percent of Americans say the federal government intentionally withholds important information from the public, while 61 percent say the news media intentionally ignores important stories.

Courtroom Chaos: Video Shows Judge Dragged Away After Her Own Sentencing

Chaos erupted inside a Cincinnati courtroom on Monday as a former judge — convicted of using her position to help a family member — was dragged away to jail by a bailiff.

“They need to drop these unrighteous and I believe unlawful charges against me,” Hunter told NBC affiliate WLWT in Cincinnati.

Did ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Drop Japanese, Taiwanese Flags to Appease China?

“Twitter has lit up with speculation that Paramount Pictures tweaked Maverick’s iconic jacket in reflexive pandering to Beijing,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.  

“The suspicions have been heightened by the fact Tencent Pictures, the film division of Chinese internet giant Tencent, is a co-financier of the new Top Gun movie.”

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