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January 1, Costliest Homeless Tower: Taxpayers Fund $600K Units



A new high-rise residential tower, located in downtown Los Angeles and aimed at helping the homeless, opened this Wednesday. The 19-story development, known as the Weingart Tower, consists of 278 units and is designed to assist those without shelter on Skid Row. It will be L.A.’s largest permanent support housing project.

Constructed to be affordable housing, the building features a whole floor dedicated to offices for case workers. Additionally, it offers a range of amenities, including a gym, art room, music room, computer room, and library.

However, the cost per unit is staggering, totaling nearly $600,000, with all funds coming from taxpayers. This price tag for a single unit in the homeless high-rise is higher than the median price of a condominium in Los Angeles, which stood at $564,520 at the end of 2023.

In contrast, the median listing price for a detached single-family home in the city was even higher – at $1.3 million. Efforts by Los Angeles to combat homelessness over the past 15 years have included passing various tax hikes and funding initiatives backed by taxpayers.

However, these measures have failed to halt the growth of the homeless population. Critics argue that offering benefits to the homeless, such as apartments or hotel rooms, only encourages more homeless individuals to migrate to the city and the state.

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