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January 1, Capitol Police officers sue Trump over insurrection



Seven US Capitol Police officers who were attacked during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against former President Donald Trump, his ally Roger Stone, and members of far-right groups, alleging they intentionally sent a violent mob to disrupt the congressional certification of the presidential election.

The lawsuit accuses Trump of working “with white supremacists, violent extremist groups, and campaign supporters to violate the Ku Klux Klan Act, and commit acts of domestic terrorism in an unlawful effort to stay in power.”

The officers wrote a joint statement that was released by their lawyers.

“We joined the Capitol Police to uphold the law and protect the Capitol community. On Jan. 6 we tried to stop people from breaking the law and destroying our democracy. Since then our jobs and those of our colleagues have become infinitely more dangerous. We want to do what we can to make sure the people who did this are held accountable and that no one can do this again,” the statement read.


Capitol Police officers sue Trump, allies over insurrection

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