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January 1, 911 Dispatcher May Lose Job Over Hanging Up on Buffalo Shooting Caller



An unnamed 911 dispatcher’s job is in jeopardy over accusations that they hung up on a supermarket employee during the shooting in Buffalo, New York, last weekend.

The Office of the Erie County Executive said that the dispatcher was placed on administrative leave after an internal investigation. The employee faces a disciplinary hearing on May 30, where “termination will be sought.”

Office spokesperson Peter Anderson said that the dispatcher has worked for the county for eight years.

Latisha Rogers, an assistant office manager at Tops Friendly Market, said she was whispering during the 911 call because she was hiding from the shooter. Rogers told The Buffalo News that the dispatcher shouted at her, asked her why she was whispering, and then hung up on her.

“She was yelling at me, saying, ‘Why are you whispering? You don’t have to whisper,’” Rogers said, “and I was telling her, ‘Ma’am, he’s still in the store. He’s shooting. I’m scared for my life. I don’t want him to hear me. Can you please send help?’ She got mad at me, hung up in my face.”

Rogers said she had to call her boyfriend and tell him to call 911 and report the shooting.


911 Dispatcher May Be Fired Over Handling of Buffalo Shooting Call

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