April 12, 2022

White House Braces for Sky-High Inflation Numbers

The Biden administration is bracing for a new inflation report expected to show “extraordinarily elevated” numbers.

The Labor Department’s monthly data from the consumer price index (CPI) is imminent, and White House is prepared for sky-high numbers, placing the blame largely on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said officials “expect March CPI headline inflation to be extraordinarily elevated, due to Putin’s price hike.”

“I will say that anytime there’s heightened monthly data or inflation reporting or numbers, it is a reminder to us, our allies on the Hill and hopefully to many of the American people that we need to do more to reduce costs for the American people,” she added.


Get ready for a nasty inflation report

3 comments on White House Braces for Sky-High Inflation Numbers

  1. guest says:

    Believing Pee saki is like believing the world is flat.

  2. Lisa says:

    psaki is a LIAR and MUST NOT BE believed, the whole FJB administration is a JOKE,, they don’t know what they are doing, they are CLUELESS and INCOMPETENT

  3. Leslie says:

    Bet the liberals are still blaming Trump for all this administration’s f—k ups, one bad decision after another! Are liberals really that short sited that they can’t see through the lies being shoved down their throats? This redheaded twit should do well with Rachel Madoff(sp?) on MSNBC, total BS comes out of both their mouths.
    Now this administration is buying votes with gas cards!

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