October 21, 2022

WATCH: Biden Snaps at Fox News Reporter

President Joe Biden snapped at a Fox News reporter who asked him which issue was his top priority: abortion rights or inflation.

As Biden was wrapping up remarks delivered from the White House on Wednesday, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy called out a question.

Doocy asked: “Just hoping to clarify for midterm voters, top domestic issue: inflation or abortion?”

Biden responded: “They’re all important. Unlike you, there’s no one thing. It crosses the board. Domestic — ask me about foreign policy too. There’s multiple, multiple, multiple issues, and they’re all important.”

The president continued: “And so — and we ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. You know that old expression?”

Mediaite noted Doocy wasn’t alone in receiving an impatient response from Biden on Wednesday. Earlier, he fumed at the suggestion that his releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was “politically motivated” ahead of the midterm elections.

“I’ve been doing this for how long now? It’s not politically motivated at all. It’s motivated to make sure that I continue to push on what I’ve been pushing on, and that is making sure there’s enough oil that’s being pumped by the companies so that we have the ability to be able to produce enough gas that we need here at home,” Biden said.

3 comments on WATCH: Biden Snaps at Fox News Reporter

  1. lies upon lies and he can’t remember
    vote red even if they are an idiot
    jill the breakfast taco booed
    student loan forgiveness
    inflation gas prices illegal immigrents hunter’s laptop
    useless war ukraine but US(BIDEN)war with russia
    starting crap with china
    nuclear was
    all lies upon lies
    and within two years what are the next two years going to be
    starvation proverty homeless jobless rapist murderers
    your choice what you want think about it all when you vote

  2. akashara says:

    We all know Biden can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. What a ridiculous comment to make. Of course Inflation is the main thing on Americans minds. We face it everyday. People who care about abortion are those who get abortions. BTW, Republicans aren’t against contraceptives. What a crock the Left tries to pull. If you are against abortion, you would want women to use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Another fallacy is the Planned Parenthood gives mammograms. They make the bulk of money through abortions and then sell the fetal parts to labs. Handing out contraceptives would affect their bottom line.

  3. Anna says:

    It’s a shame that Biden will not remember all the things he did to destroy America and become the worst President in history while is is sitting in the Alzheimers unit. But Americans will remember how we let a person with dementia being led by a ring through his nose almost ruin the free world.

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