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January 1, Some Businesses to Turn to AI, Machines Due to Hiring Problems



Hello America,

The hiring problem in the US continues. Reports say the country has 8.2 million fewer workers. Millions of jobless Americans rely on enhanced unemployment benefits, prompting employers to embrace automation, industrial robots, and artificial intelligence. It’s sad to think that when these workers decide to return to work and there are no more available for them.

The New York attorney general’s office said that it will go after the Trump Organization. There will be a criminal investigation in addition to the civil probe that’s underway. The investigation was initiated after Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen made allegations that the former president had deliberately falsified valuations of assets in official documents.

Unemployment benefits and stimulus checks continue to provide financial cushion to millions of American workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic. Now, even after some restrictions were lifted, workers are still hesitant to return to to their previous job. The pandemic made Americans look for different jobs that would provide health care and retirement benefits.

On Wednesday, India reported 4,529 coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours. That’s the pandemic’s highest single-day death toll in the world. The US held the previous record for most daily deaths from Covid-19 when 4,475 people died on Jan. 12. God bless the world.

A mysterious ‘creature’ found washed up on the North Carolina coast baffled wildlife experts. It looks like a semi-transparent blob with finger-like growths containing white dots. Despite their best efforts, experts couldn’t identify the ‘creature’ prompting them to ask the public’s opinion.

Nick Jonas was missed by The Voice fans just one week before the Season 20 finale. Nick was reportedly injured and transported by an ambulance to a hospital while shooting a new TV show. Don’t worry guys, Nick’s back on The Voice with a ‘cracked rib’. Ouch! Get well, Nick.

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