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January 1, Report: households will pay more to heat their homes this winter



The Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a report predicting that rises fuel prices and demand will cause home heating costs to increase significantly.

EIA officials say all residential consumers should expect to pay more for heat, but the type of fuel you use will determine by how much.

Roughly half of all households in the nation use natural gas, and they will pay upwards of 30 percent this winter. Homes heated with electricity will pay 6 percent more, according to the report.

The report says it will cost natural gas consumers an average of $746 to heat their homes this winter, while electric heat users will spend about $1,268.

Households that use heating oil or propane will experience an even higher spike in costs. Heating oil consumers will pay 43 percent more on average, and propane users will pay 54 percent more.


U.S. households will pay more to heat their homes this winter, officials say

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