May 23, 2022

Report: Hillary Clinton Signed Off on Spreading False Trump-Russia Info

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager Robby Mook said that the former Secretary of State signed off on sharing now-debunked collusion claims between former President Donald Trump and Russia.

Mook testified that Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias first briefed him “about the Alfa-Bank issue” in 2016. He said the campaign leadership quickly had a meeting about whether to share the information with the media, which they ultimately decided to do.

According to Mook’s testimony, other meeting attendees were campaign chairman John Podesta, communications director Jennifer Palmieri, and policy adviser Jake Sullivan — President Joe Biden’s current national security adviser.

When special counsel John Durham pressed Mook about who approved pushing the Alfa-Bank claims to the media, he said, “John and I were involved,” but “I discussed it with Hillary as well.”

“All I remember is that she agreed with the decision,” Mook said, adding, “she thought we made the right decision.”


Hillary Clinton signed off on sharing debunked Alfa-Bank claims with the media

13 comments on Report: Hillary Clinton Signed Off on Spreading False Trump-Russia Info

  1. Richard says:

    Conspiracy to commit any crime is a felony!

    1. AL says:

      Yes it is. But with a Democrat DOJ, Hillary will walk. IF she ever has to testify at all, she will spout all the usual,”I don’t recall that conversation, I don’t know. I have no recollection of that. I was never told. I never said that. That is not what I remember. That was taken out of context.” Etc, etc.

      1. Mj says:

        Not this time

  2. chestnutgeld says:

    Ho boy is the truth coming out those who were caught are singing like a canary,they do not want to be the fall peerson so they are revealing all,as told there is no honor among theifes or liars.

  3. Disgusted says:

    The Clinton’s need to be investigated but will probably win with lawyers who can beat it. I feel they have hoodiunked the public long enough. Their ability to twist the truth and win is unprecedented..

    1. LINDA KREWET says:

      yes you are right

    2. Tray says:

      I hear that Clinton Donner’s are in the jury, that would mean a unfair jury,. In Clinton’s favor

  4. mike kerrigan says:

    I wonder if Mook has Life Insurance??

  5. Dr Katz says:

    Horrible Hillary has committed many crimes against our country and must go to prison which will show that we all are equal. Anyone else would be locked up, so should she!

    1. Tray says:

      Totally agree

  6. Jeac says:

    We are talking about the most corrupt President in American History, a twice impeached President who was saved by his own Republican Party a second time because of his threats against those who would impeach him. Donald Trump is a disgrace to the American Presidency, and this is coming from a Republican. Do not try to sanitise Mr. Trumps 4 years in office, that is unless you decide to drink from the same gallon of Clorox that Trump would have had all the victims of Covid drink from.

  7. Dmic says:

    Hey Jeac! You have to be the biggest apologist I have ever seen!! Unfortunately it’s for the most corrupt diabolical party to ever hold office. You call yourself a Republican!! You aren’t one of us at all!!! You have fallen into the libtard trap that unfortunately so many mainstream Republicans have!! Completely used and regurgitated back out by the Clinton/Obama and now Biden machine!! To stupid to see the big picture obviously!!

  8. Dmic says:

    The biggest issue with the present administration and anyone that defends it at this point in time is that on every single issue presented to it the wrong decisions and policies have been implemented!!! The real priorities of Americans have been completely ignored! It is so obvious a child can see it!! From energy production malfeasance to monetary policy to border security ( or lack thereof) to the foreign policy failures to not not addressing supply chain issues quickly to allowing American families to run out of baby formula to hyper inflation to allowing our entire criminal justice system to fail what in God’s name can the radical Dems run on in November?? Abortion rights? Sexual pronouns? They will be lucky to get out of DC in one piece!! Good luck with that one!!!!

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