February 17, 2022

Hillary Breaks Silence on Bombshell Durham Filing

1865: Columbia, South Carolina, burns down during American Civil War

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally broke her silence on Special Counsel John Durham’s latest filing, rebuking former President Donald Trump and conservative outlets for “desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones.”

Clinton addressed the situation on Twitter, her first public statement on Durham’s Feb. 11 federal court filing, which alleged that her campaign paid a tech company to hack Trump Tower and White House servers in order to establish a fabricated connection between Trump and Russia.

Clinton tweeted: “Trump & Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones. So it’s a day that ends in Y.”

“The more his misdeeds are exposed, the more they lie,” she added.

She linked to a Vanity Fair article, writing: “For those interested in reality, here’s a good debunking of their latest nonsense.” The author of the piece, Bess Levin, “serves as a mouthpiece for the Democratic agenda,” according to The Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, the White House continues to deflect any questions related to the latest DOJ findings.

” I would point you – any questions about this – to the Department of Justice,” press secretary Jen Psaki said during her Wednesday press briefing.

When pressed on if “monitoring internet traffic” could be defined as spying, as detailed in Durham’s report, Psaki repeated her direction for reporters to take questions to the Justice Department.

Though mainstream media outlets have largely ignored or dismissed the filing, it captured the attention of Republican lawmakers.

“Durham’s recent revelations show what we knew all along – Hillary Clinton and her Democrat cronies actively spied on President Trump. No American should accept that a presidential candidate engaged in criminal activity and created a false scandal about their opponent to win an election,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said in a statement Wednesday.

“Hillary Clinton and the corrupt actors involved in this scheme should be prosecuted. And the media should uphold their duty and responsibility to report the truth.”


Hillary Clinton calls John Durham claims that she ‘spied’ on Trump ‘nonsense’ and claims the ex-President and media are trying to ‘spin up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones’

40 comments on Hillary Breaks Silence on Bombshell Durham Filing

  1. Ernie says:

    What real scandals? Name just one, that he as been found guilty of! Two impeachment’s fully investigated him, but still no evidence to convict him! She is just throwing mud once again, to see what will stick, or she is throwing it in the water to try and cloud over her own miss deeds! But all she as accomplished is getting mud on her hands! She’s as guilty as hell, everyone knows a pack of rats, always attack when they are cornered!

  2. NavVet says:

    Hillary, you’re guilty as sin for this and so much more over your corrupt political career.

    1. JAS says:

      Hillary Clinton proves her guilt every time I opens her mouth. Running free has come to an end.
      Destination “GITMO”.

      1. JAS says:

        Every time She opens her mouth

        1. David Hale says:

          It wouldn’t make any difference what they find nothing will come if it. There is a standard for justice for people like her and the rest of us

    2. Joel Taylor says:

      ….and she’s thinking on running again in 2024???? Possibly against Trump????…..she may be in cuffs (and should be!) by the time November 2024 comes around,!!!! She can’t hide through that fake facade of a smile and people (some or most) see rite through her disdain for the rule of law and order!!!!! Her & his entire Clinton cartel needs to be exposed in a court of law, found guilty of all their misdeeds going as far back as WHITEWATER then thrown in prison to rot!!!!!

    3. ahem tonto says:

      You are absolutely correct, Hillary is a global player in the arena of corrupt politicians, tyrants, prevaricators and most probably a traitor. Prison, GITMO, is where she and Billy boy belong for the rest of their lives. Obama and Biden are also complicit as is Pelosi and her drift of democrat/socialist hanger-ons.

    4. Ernest Garcia says:

      Lock her up

    5. G.H. says:

      You have that right…. Is there anybody out there that still hasn’t figured out how corrupt Hillary Is ? If so, what planet have they been living on ? Goes all the way back to Arkansas ! Drug Lord’s sleep over in the Whitehouse…. Do out the old newspaper articles !

    6. G.H. says:

      Good comments !
      Remember, the Dems own most of the news networks. Remember Stephanopoulos ? Was Clinton’s press secretary….
      every day for weeks he said ” the president did not have sex with those women !” . (DNA doesn’t lie…oops ! ) Dems reward their loyal liars with press or TV jobs… Old tradition. Used to be NY papers but now it’s usually TV network jobs.

  3. Guilo says:

    I wonder how SHOCKED Killery will be when she discovers that Hell, is indeed REAL? Wouldn’t that be something to behold?

  4. Jim says:

    Throw her in jail and Obama while you are at it. They are so crooked you can never straighten them out even with a blowtorch to bend them with. They would bounce right back to crooked. How can anyone believe what they say?

  5. JAS says:

    John Durham and President Trump have all the evidence needed to indict Hillary Clinton. Clinton is trying to find some way to cover up her crimes blaming who ever she can, she will stop at nothing, Clinton will still be screaming her innocence from behind bars in GITMO. Hillary Clinton your time has come to an end, (to coin a phrase the fat lady has sung).

    1. G. H. says:

      Evidence is overwhelming….but Hillary always lies and buys her way out. Many believe there is also a ”clinton bodycount ” !
      Anything to get off.
      Serious point in new documents , all the lawyers who executed most of the dirty work for the Clinton’s, billed back to the Clintons.
      Hhmmmm…! Arkansas drug Lord’s spent the night in the clinton Whitehouse…. CK the old newspaper articles…. How did the Clinton’s get so rich in Arkansas so fast ??? Duh… Interesting coincidence ? AAAGGGHHH ! Some claim there’s even a clinton
      ” Bodycount” when someone was scheduled to testify…. Hard to prove, but scary !

  6. JIM says:

    All we need now are for the republicans to grow a set of balls and go after this bitch and anyone associated with her. If that means to go after Barry Obama and worthless Joe, get your ass’s in gear.
    Lets help President Trump drain the swamp and if you are part of the swamp, you go down also.
    We need to put some fresh bodies in the Congress and Senate. One’s that are not afraid to take down anyone and everyone that needs to go. People that are NOT beholding or have something to hide. If that means we replace half the Congress and Senate so be it.
    It is time to clean house and then bring on term limits.

  7. TLJ says:

    HOPEFULLY, this corrupt “witch” will finally go down! (And NOT on slick willie) She is a hateful old hag, that should be in jail! Remember her comment a few years ago? “If I go to jail, many other will go too” (something to that affect! She and the Clinton foundation need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, jail time confiscate ALL their “stealings” including the daughters!
    Then go after the rest of the politicians!
    Maybe a good hanging on the capitol building steps, televised WorldWide, THIS is what we do to Treasonist!

  8. Socrates says:

    Yeah sure Hillary. And my husband Bill is the most honest man I have ever met. You are truly the most SHAMELESS p-o-s person in the history of mankind. LOCK HER UP!!!!!!

  9. Guest says:

    She’s guilty of so much more!!! Put her in jail!

  10. Paul says:

    It is amazing how the democrats use the “fake scandal to distract from his real ones” accusation when that is what they are guilty of on a daily basis. They have been playing this game now for more than forty years of blaming the Republicans for exactly what they have been doing… unbelievable!

    1. Guest says:

      Let’s hope teflon Hillary finally goes to jail.

  11. Jerry Hughes says:

    All we have to do with the liberal media is wait.
    The liberal life forms inch closer to the 2nd American Civil War, daily.
    The liberal media or any of their employees are unlikely to survive the the first day.

  12. JD says:

    The woman is completely nuts. However, Clinton is not the only one in politics who can’t take responsibility for their own actions. There are a great many politicians who belong in GITMO or executed for their crimes regardless.

  13. Chuck says:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton and lies are synonymous. She lies about her lies. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

  14. Ron says:

    The truth is out there and has been obvious to most of us for years. As far as I’m concerned Hillary Clinton and Jane Fonda are from the same mold. One for her sick love affair with America’s then enemy the North Viet Nam and the other for her unbelievable stupidity and callousness during the Benghazi murders. Both will be remembered for their treason to the American people and also to America. I just do not understand anyone not seeing what a piece of crap Hillary is and just how ruthless she has been. Just ask someone who has worked for her, like I did, and they will tell you just how hateful and hated she truly is.

  15. christine seiden says:

    HRC….the most hideous female ever to participate in politics. She is FAT, OLD, DECREPIT, AND A LYING, CHEATING, EVIL HUMAN, beyond belief! Let’s hope the Chardonnay gets her before she utters another falsehood….EVER!

  16. Steve Nichols says:

    When will we pass legislation that makes it a crime to lie to the public, to hold the media liable for publishing false information and supports a political party rather than reporting the news unbiased.. Opinions are for those that do that, the news is and should be treated as something that must be reported honestly

  17. Airdale says:

    I would love to see Hillary subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury.

  18. Gerald Ladd says:

    The old cunt is finished, and she hates it.

  19. General Patton says:

    CROOKED HILLARY—-the most dishonest corrupt person in the history of mankind. Has she ever said anything honest in her life???

    Remember, I trust Bill, he is the most faithful honest person I know! This is almost comical, but Special Counsel John Durham might be the only honest–can’t be bought–person in our country–is going to get to the bottom of it. Our country needs the truth, since we can’t trust the mainstream media-ABC-NBC-CBS-WST-WASH-POST——etc, the Media Marxists.


  20. Thomas says:

    “Lock her up” “Lock her up”

  21. Chastran says:

    HilLIARy Rotten Clinton needs some old west vigilante justice with a tree branch and a noose…

  22. Opinari says:

    Hillary protests too much. She believes she is above the law when in actuality, she bends and soils it every time she opens her lying mouth. She has trodden on truth and pushed untruths down to the sewer level, in which she dwells.

    Ever notice the Dems are always finding fault and looking for dirt on Republicans and conservatives, demanding their pound of flesh on every issue on which they disagree. And, at same time, Dems disregarded the laws and took no action on the riots and chaos they allowed to be delivered, all through 2020 to present. Dems are drunk on power-grabbing, dictating their mandates based on their agenda, rather than based on actual science. They embraced those that flip-flopped for profiting on the pandemic—Fauci and others.

    I hope Hillary and gang get their just rewards for the fruits of their lies and acts of treason they used on Trump as a candidate and continued as a President. No wonder she had such a lousy campaign, she ASSuMEd she had it in the bag.

  23. Roger says:

    She is the devil. Bill would of been better of with Monica. Just saying

  24. Old wolf says:

    One has to love it when the kettle trys to call the pot black . They don’t get any worse the Hillary when it comes to lying about everthing . True to the delusional democrat way , she lies and blames everything on others . I do hope how ever and pray she runs again just so she can be a 3 time loser . Once to Obama when she call Obama the n word and it will be twice to Trump which she called a deplorable the first time . We will se what she calls Trump and us after the 2nd lost to Trump . Hillary just can’t win one for the gripper . In fact she should be in jail for treason to the country but instead she will try running again . Go figure

  25. Big Ed says:

    Boy-Hillary is an actual witch. First, she sets up a coup to eliminate any chance Trump had of winning; then, she did her damnedest to destroy his presidency and now she has the streak of evil which allows her to turn the tables and say Trump is just trying to eliminate her as a possible challenger in 2024. She broke the law when she destroyed her emails, then she broke the law again when she spied on Trump and cast lies to the press, and then finally she broke the law (big time) when she bugged the White House in an attempt to get some piece of bullshit on him…….and, she accuses Trump of making up lies with Fox to destroy any chance she had to pay him back for his corruption in 2016, and since. I look at the entire affair and I can see only one party displaying corruption and committing crimes and it is her. Send her as to jail and get started on the next Democrat on the list, because they were all involved.

  26. Spike4187 says:

    Hillary is now commenting because she knows if those that can possibly implicate her are not dead yet, they soon will be. The Clinton death trail is so long, it is hard to believe. Typical Satanic wack jobs. They think its ok to murder babies up to the day they are born. Killing is nothing to them and those like them. Usually what they accuse others of…….is what they have been doing all along. The sad things is, she will get away with it. Until……she stands before God the Almighty.

  27. Ernst says:

    Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt, dishonest, weaselly persons to ever walk this earth. It will be a great day for the reputation and functional integrity of the USA when she goes to jail.

  28. art says:

    people need to go to jail . Is the only way to stop the democrats

  29. Anna Patti says:

    The Dems always use the same old excuse. They accuse the right of the crimes the left have committed. If she thinks we believe a word she says, she’s living in la-la land. She, Obama, Biden are born liars. You will never hear a word of truth spoken out of any one of them. Their means of existing on this earth is to spew lies, every single day. Lies are their means of nourishment. They all belong behind bars. LOCK ‘EM UP.

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