February 18, 2022

Denied: Ex-NYT Columnist Can’t Run for Governor

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The Oregon Supreme Court ruled that former New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof can’t run for governor.

Kristof, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, left the publication last year to throw his hat in the political ring. The ruling from the Oregon high court scraps his plans after months of buildup.

Last month, Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan ruled that Kristof was ineligible for a gubernatorial bid because the state’s constitution requires candidates to be a resident for at least three years before the election in which they are running.

Fagan cited “objective evidence,” including that Kristof voted in New York as recently as 2020.

Kristof announced that he’d be challenging the decision, saying he was confident he and his team would prevail “because the law is on our side.”

But the Oregon Supreme Court did not agree with Kristof’s assertion, as they sided with Fagon.

“While we are disappointed in the decision, we respect its ruling and thank the justices for their thoughtful consideration on this matter,” Kristof said in a statement.


Oregon Supreme Court says Nicholas Kristof can’t run for governor

4 comments on Denied: Ex-NYT Columnist Can’t Run for Governor

  1. Tom says:

    How did he think the law was on his side? 3 years is 3 years! Seems like he tried to pull a Hillary Clinton but did not lay the proper ground work.

    1. Penelope says:

      Could it be because the election won’t be held until Nov. 2024? That would certainly be longer than three years from Nov. 2020 to Nov. 2024.

  2. Nexus says:

    “Rules for me, but not for me”.. the Dim’s mantra.

    1. Nexus says:

      Sorry, “Rules for THEE, but not for me” damn autospellcheck.

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