August 22, 2022

City Formally Dissolves Its Police Department

A city council in Alabama formally dissolved its three-member police department after a scandal involving racist text messages came to light.

The Vincent City Council unanimously voted to abolish the police department temporarily after the former police chief and assistant police chief were suspended following the alleged text message. According to a local news outlet, the third officer resigned not long after.

Vincent Mayor James Latimer confirmed that the texts were sent in June, and the officer who sent them was reprimanded the following month.

According to CNN, the text message included a racist joke about slavery.

A special town hall was held after the city attorney ruled that personnel policy prohibited the officers’ termination. Most of the speakers said they wanted to keep the police department intact, citing a need to have locals protecting and serving the community, WBRC noted.

The city council held the vote at the end of the meeting, deciding unanimously to dissolve the police department for the time being.

Until the local police department is revived, the city will contract deputies from the nearby Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Sources: WBRC | CNN

4 comments on City Formally Dissolves Its Police Department

  1. Rat Wrangler says:

    All police departments should be abolished and replaced with county sheriffs. Doing so would reduce the debates about jurisdiction, and all the sheriffs and deputies would have radio equipment allowing them to talk to each other. If the sheriffs’ positions were all elected, rather than nominated, the sheriffs would be more likely to follow the will of the People. Also, if one area of the county needed more law enforcement, more deputies could be moved into that area without any paperwork “borrowing” other officers.

    1. Rattlerjake says:

      Although this is a good idea, the real problem will still exist – the hundreds-thousands of illegal/unconstitutional laws and the politicians who make them.

  2. DAVID PARR says:

    Even Sheriff departments have jurisdictional issues, but it would definitely improve reponse to incidents. All Sheriff in Alabama should have access to all radio frequencies available…

  3. Brennen says:

    They abolished huh
    Well I hope crime skyrockets there.

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